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CastleVille Legends 4.1.457

CastleVille Legends is a simple but colorful toy for Android. The visual design is pretty good, made at the level of top-end applications. The drawing is high-quality, with high detail, the animations are bright and smooth, the characters are cute. To gamble and just see the gamescreen on the screen is very nice. The controls are simple, but a tutorial would not hurt. Sometimes you can guess what you need to do only from the second time. But after five minutes of gaming, everything falls into place.

The gamer is offered to "steer" his own kingdom. The game is simple, even casual, and it has a lot of versatile moments that make gaming intense and dense. The user must build his city, construct various buildings and monitor their work. In addition, it is also necessary to expand, to take out the castle walls further and further to provide a lot of the necessary space. For the functioning of the city and the nutrition of citizens, bread and other plants should be grown. The fields can be moved outside the city limits.

A well-thought-out system of purchases and exchanges allows you to fully trade with neighbors, which is very profitable if there are not enough resources. You can also hire heroes who will bring glory and greatness to your home. They will explore new lands, kill dragons and much more. The whole process is conveniently stored in the cloud, which made it easier to program and not worry about changing the device.

Optimization is excellent, there are no questions about the work of the program. Even with very weak hardware, the gameplay is normal. There is no Russification, but the level of the language is simply elementary and will be understandable to almost anyone, even a primary school student.



  • Good graphics;
  • Interesting idea;
  • High playability;
  • Simple operation;
  • Lots of game features;
  • Syncing with the cloud;
  • Elementary installation.


Legends of CastleVille is a great project that users will surely enjoy and will provide many hours of high-quality and exciting gaming. Really excellent quality, both externally and in terms of gaming sensations. The latest version of the strategy CastleVille Legends download for android.

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