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Age of Civilizations Lite 1.1546

Age of Civilizations Lite is a turn–based strategy game for any Android device. Visually, the program is designed as a classic casual. The world map is interestingly drawn, but there are no special animations and three-dimensional effects to wait for. This is not particularly necessary – programs of this orientation are successful with users even with the most uncomplicated visualization.

Management cannot be called easy – he really needs to learn. The physics of gaming is also not easy, but there is a high-quality tutorial that "puts everything on the shelves". As a result, after a couple of minutes of training, a complex and incomprehensible interface becomes quite digestible.


Here is an interactive map of Europe divided into regions. You can start gaming in any country, but they all have more or less the same conditions. The game is very versatile and covers a lot of aspects of the real life of the country. The population pays a tax from your territories, which can be used to hire an army or build fortifications. A different number of citizens live in different regions. There are also ports, so it is possible to travel by sea.

The goal is the same – to conquer the whole world. First it's Europe, then you can play all over the Earth, and then go to another planet. The balance is excellent, it allows you to gamble not just for hours – but for days. Diplomatic relations are well developed. After each turn, you can declare war, peace, conclude alliances, and so on. You can even share resources and gather a common army.


  • Original design;
  • Not a new, but a well-implemented idea;
  • A lot of countries and regions, all continents, two planets;
  • A lot of in-game features, the use of diplomacy;
  • A well-thought-out balance;
  • Easy installation;
  • A short but succinct tutorial;
  • Excellent optimization.


The Age of Civilizations Lite is just the case when the game drags on for many days and hours, and you can play it literally every minute of your free time. Just a timekiller of the eightieth level, which must be on any Android device! The latest version of the strategy Age of Civilizations Lite download for android.

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