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Black Diamond Slot Machines 1.0

Black Diamond Slot Machines is a casino program from well–known developers. Only for Android system. The graphics of the program are not particularly impressive, but the average user will be satisfied. The animations are quite lively, the cars are three-dimensional, but everything could be done better and better. Navigation through menus and games is quite simple. It's not difficult to figure it out, even if I've never dealt with such programs before.


The gaming itself is quite original. The style is designed in the spirit of the 80s - 90s of the last century. The machines are classic, the developers themselves assure that they correspond to the original machines in Las Vegas. The functionality of the application is not bad. Naturally, there is a daily bonus, but it changes dynamically with the player's activity. It turns out a simple dependence: you play more, you get more.


Social integration allows you to watch leaderboards, chat with friends and even compete in a mode close to PvP (VIP only). Optimization, in principle, is not bad, but small failures happen, especially on old gadgets, We are waiting for a global update.



  • Average graphics level;
  • Authentic slots straight from Vegas;
  • Thoughtful "buns" and bonuses;
  • Easy navigation and management;
  • Social integration;
  • More or less qualitative optimization;
  • Elementary installation.


Black Diamond is a high-quality and interesting slots, but nothing special, except for a dynamic daily bonus, they do not cling. This is the case when the game will either really like it, or will not bring the expected effect. In any case, it's worth a try! The latest version of the gambling game Black Diamond Slot Machines download for android.

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