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European War 4: Napoleon 1.4.38

European War 4: Napoleon is an unusual strategy for Android devices. The visual design is quite high-quality and pleasing to the eye. The drawing is original, looks great in any resolutions. Animations and characters are a bit like classic Cossacks, which will be very much to the taste of oldfags. The game is quite serious and multifunctional, so the management is not the easiest. In the first menu there is a tutorial that explains the physics and all the controls in an accessible way.

In European Wars 4: Napoleon, the user can participate in the most famous and massive battles of the eighteenth century. There are many different units, guns and much more available. I am also pleased with the choice of a commander – not only do commanders, like various types of troops, have their own skills, but they need to be brought to the management of the army from a simple soldier. With the right development of events, the leader of your army can turn out to be an Emperor.


The upgrade system is very well thought out and quite original. It will be completely "new" to inexperienced players, but fans of strategies will easily see analogies with projects of the past years. The drawing of the map is not bad, with a more or less qualitative transfer of real settlements. It is pleasant and exciting to play on it, because water barriers and various elements of the landscape matter. Naturally, there is a donation and integration into the network. At the same time, the first one is not particularly needed, and most users will easily do without it.


  • Good graphics;
  • Original drawing;
  • Real famous generals;
  • Coincidence with countries, troops and events of the eighteenth century;
  • Convenient management and a tutorial for it;
  • Thoughtful upgrade;
  • High-quality optimization;
  • Easy installation.


It is sincerely recommended to all lovers of strategies! The rest of the fans of the leisurely and thoughtful game will definitely like it too. The latest version of the strategy European War 4: Napoleon download for android.

Features: Online HD Donat

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