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FarmVille to Table Recipe Book 1.0.8

FarmVille to Table Recipe Book is an interesting solution for everyone who can not only eat, but also cook. Only on Android. Visually, the program is kept at the level of the entire series, namely very well. Funny animated characters, high-quality drawing and the ability to use large resolutions allow you to use the program very comfortably. When using it, you can get only pleasant impressions.

Navigation through the menu and the recipes themselves is unified and simple. Everything is simple and intuitive. Some inconveniences can only be caused by the lack of Russification, but the language of the application is so simple that even a junior high student will understand. Basically, elementary phrases, product names and no more are used. The user is offered an interactive action-a recipe book with familiar characters in the main roles. There are really a lot of recipes, the preparation is quite simple. It can be recommended to every hostess.

The preparation of each dish is described in great detail – it is simply impossible to make a mistake. Both text descriptions and detailed photos of each cooking stage are available to the user. Vegetable and healthy food, snacks and main dishes prevail.


  • Nice interface;
  • Lots of recipes;
  • High-quality tutorials for each dish;
  • Mass of photos of the cooking process;
  • Favorite characters and their specialties;
  • Basic navigation;
  • Easy installation.


Just a great program for everyone who is able to cook at least scrambled eggs. Just download and create culinary masterpieces! The latest version of the game FarmVille to Table Recipe Book download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.0.8
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  • Game version: 1.0.8
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