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Mountain Goat Mountain 1.4.6

Mountain Goat Mountain is a prog with the cutest character. Only for Android devices. The visual design is beyond praise. Just great textures, smooth animations, bright colors and a full 3D formula of the perfect picture on the screen. The management is more or less simple, but the tutorial in the prog is really not enough. Without him, you have to figure out for the first five minutes what is actually required of the player. But then everything becomes clear and elementary.

The gamer plays as a little goat, which jumps merrily from block to block in search of coins and a new level. There are a great many levels, each of them is full of riddles, traps and other elements that greatly increase playability. Because of this, gaming is very exciting and it is extremely difficult to break away from it. For coins, you can buy a new hero or change the old one. I am very pleased that the developers have a sense of humor and they used it during the creation of the application – it is difficult to find such cute, funny and funny Persians anywhere else.

Several large locations are available, in which the main action takes place. Basically, these are mountainous areas, canyons and rocks, but the developers promised to add "fresh" in new updates. We're waiting. From time to time there are various events for players, especially thematic ones. They can both earn extra coins and just have fun. There is a donation, but without it you can play almost the same as with it, so it is more for the support of the developer than some advantages in the prog. Optimization is not bad, but it is still worth working on. Sometimes, especially on older devices, there are freezes and slowdowns. But three-dimensionality is three-dimensionality, you have to pay for it.



  • High-quality visual design;
  • The most interesting gameplay;
  • Colorful landscapes;
  • Lots of characters;
  • Great for any age;
  • Many levels;
  • Donat;
  • Average level of optimization;
  • Easy installation.


Mountain Goat is just a great game that must be in every device! Few projects can compare with it in terms of positivity, playability and quality, so don't miss it – download right now! The latest version of the arcade Mountain Goat Mountain download for android.

Features: 3D HD Donat

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