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Wizard of Oz Free Slots Casino 1.0

Wizard of Oz Free Slots Casino is, if not the best, then certainly the most original casino game on Android. The visual design is quite good, not high-end class, but passable and will surely appeal to most users of the "green robot". The episodes also do not cause any special complaints – all the animations are good. The control is elementary, even a child will not experience difficulties with it. To understand "what and how" it will take only a couple of minutes, no more.


Can you imagine a casino game based on the Wizard of OZ? If it doesn't work out very well, then be sure to download this program. The developers were really able to put together a children's fairy tale and adult games and, admittedly, they did a great job. The gamer is offered to relive the highlights of his favorite story once again. Each level is tied to a certain event of the original story, which is shown to us. Naturally, the slots on each level are also themed, and change with each win. So you can "walk" all the way from the yellow brick and remember the whole fairy tale.


I am very pleased with the mass of bonuses, boosters and other "buns". The developers have not been stingy: a large daily bonus and impressive prizes help to quickly accumulate large sums. Of course, this game has nothing to do with real money, but even virtual millions raise the mood a little. The program is socially integrated with Facebook, where all progress will be stored. You can also help your friends in gaming.



  • Nice visual design;
  • Good optimization;
  • Lots of levels;
  • Everyone knows the story in an atypical manifestation;
  • Facebook Integration;
  • Easy installation and management.


Perhaps the Wizard of OZ Slots is one of the best toys of this genre. Both part of the casino and part of the Emerald City are perfectly executed and combined with each other, so that the player is driven not only by excitement but also by the usual gamer interest. An excellent program that deserves attention from users. The latest version of the gambling game Wizard of Oz Free Slots Casino download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.1
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