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Word Streak With Friends Free 8.25

Word Streak With Friends Free is one of the best word Android games.The visual design of the program is pretty enough, but it's difficult to call it high-class. This is rather a strong average person, because it is noticeable that the program is aimed more at the quality of the process than its design. The management is elementary. The whole game is in English and will be very useful for those who want to increase their vocabulary. It is perfect not only for leisure, but also for training.

The application is a verbal puzzle for mindfulness, a kind of analogue of "Baldy". A field with letters appears in front of the gamer. The task is simple – to find real words in this mess, and for a while. It's not as easy as it might seem, especially in English.


There are 4 modes in total in the game:

  • Classic battle (PvP). You choose a friend or a random user of the program and fight for time. Whoever collects the most words is the winner who receives a small reward.;
  • The daily competition is something like an interactive event in which you can participate only once a day. There are more prizes, but the difficulty is higher;
  • Battle – a battle with seven opponents at once. Only the one who took the first place wins, he also gets all the trophies;
  • A single game is just a training session with a robot or a completely offline game to improve your skills and skill.


The program has a small donation, which is more like a thank you to the developers. Updates appear quite often, hence the excellent optimization – the program is constantly "kept in shape".


A great pastime for everyone who studies English, native speakers and just users who want to test themselves. Simple, fun and effective! The latest version of the logic game Word Streak With Friends Free download for android.

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