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Chess 3D

Chess 3D is a great board game right on the screen of a mobile Android gadget. Visual design is at a height. The game is completely three-dimensional, the drawing is excellent, the animations are simply gorgeous. The picture quality is comparable to top PC games. The sound is also very good. In terms of gameplay, there is nothing new in the prog – it is difficult to change a game that has been around for thousands of years. But instead, there are several gaming modes and the opportunity to watch the battle of artificial intelligences. The latter helps a lot in learning.

It should be noted not only the quality of the picture, but also the richness of settings. You can set timers, view statistics, log and much more. We are pleased with the wide customization possibilities. In addition to the usual change of design or color, you can even choose a texture, from a wooden surface to glass and metallic luster. Together with full-fledged three-dimensionality and freedom of perspective, the user gets maximum realism in gaming.

You can play with another person or computer. There are several difficulties, but it is difficult to call AI very smart – it will be easy for really good players to win on any difficulty. But for beginners and intermediate chess players – just perfect.



  • High-end graphics;
  • Full-fledged three-dimensionality;
  • Lots of modes and settings;
  • Flexible design of all elements;
  • Game monitoring mode;
  • Log of moves;
  • Easy installation and management;
  • Not a bad optimization.


Chess 3D game is one of the best options for porting legends to mobile platforms. The rest of the analogues have little to compete with it. Be sure to install and rate! The latest version of the game Chess 3D download for android.

Features: Online HD

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