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The Age of Civilizations Europe Lite 1.151a

The Age of Civilizations Europe Lite is probably the best turn–based strategy game on Android. Visually, everything is decorated simply, but with taste. Do not expect any complex animations, sky-high graphics or textures from the program – it is rather a casual game where all the emphasis is on gaming. And for good reason. Managing the game process is not the easiest, it's very easy to get confused. Saves a high-quality and capacious tutorial, which is in the main menu. Thanks to him, the whole physics of the game becomes extremely clear and understandable.

In front of the player is a zoned map of Europe. You can choose any country and start – everyone has about the same opportunities and location features. Everyone has the same amount of money, and in general, the overall balance is just fine. Each turn the player is credited with money. They are obtained from the taxes of its citizens, respectively, the more land – the more money. They can be used to buy troops or strengthen the defense. The goal is simple – to capture Europe.

It is possible to conclude diplomatic alliances, declare war and ask for help – the interaction of countries is very developed. This is just such a gaming, where there can be a million or more variations of the development of one situation. Fans of strategies will appreciate it. There are several difficulty levels, fog of war settings and much more. It can be seen that the developer made the product "for people" and is well versed in the needs of gamers.


  • Original graphics;
  • Incredible gameplay;
  • Exorbitant playability;
  • A bunch of countries;
  • Lots of diplomatic opportunities;
  • Army and buildings;
  • Excellent game balance;
  • A succinct tutorial;
  • Easy installation.


Just a great game, in all aspects. The spirit of "RISK" from Bill Gates is clearly felt in it. Age Of Civilizations Europe is just a masterpiece, download it immediately and get the most powerful timekiller of this year! The latest version of the strategy The Age of Civilizations Europe Lite download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.151a
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  • Game version: 1.151
  • Downloaded: 1054
  • Lite version

  • Game version: 1.151
  • Downloaded: 1767
  • Lite version

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