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One Finger Death Punch 5.22

One Finger Death Punch is an exciting fighting game for Android devices. The visual design of the character is as simple as possible, and resembles the sensational "Stickman" series. But everything else, on the contrary, is clearly and in detail drawn, especially pleasing are the animations of blows and the use of superpowers. The control is simple, it consists literally of a couple of buttons and a panel of skills. There is no need to deal with it at all, everything is extremely clear even for a child. The only question arises with abilities – sometimes you can "miss" a little and activate the wrong one.

The goal of classic gaming is to defeat all the bad guys. To do this, you need to use all possible finger dexterity and knowledge of the kung fu character. You can fight in one of four styles, knock out spectacular combos and use weapons. As for super strikes, there are several dozen of them, and everyone will be able to pick up the necessary ones for their fighting style. The presence of the "survival" mode, in which the enemies do not end, pleases. Great for short but spectacular battles. There is a developed system of achievements. You can also view leaderboards online, play in gamers' leagues, and take part in all kinds of thematic events.

A lot of levels of various subjects will not let even the most sophisticated player get bored. This is one of those prog games that you can play for hours, and you won't get tired of it. Optimization cannot be called ideal, but it is quite tolerable and allows you to use the application even on not very powerful gadgets. No special lags and friezes were found. Updates come out with enviable frequency, gaming is supplemented with new products, the work of the application becomes more harmonious.


  • Interesting graphics and original design;
  • High-quality implementation:
  • Lots of abilities, styles and punches;
  • Integration into the network;
  • Easy installation.



  • Not the best optimization;
  • Lack of Russification.


Do you love martial arts and have long wanted a game of this theme on your phone or tablet? Immediately download Van Finger Dess Punch – it's a lot of action, adrenaline and drive on the screen, which will not leave free time and boredom no chance. The latest version of the arcade One Finger Death Punch download for android.

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