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Pocket Mine 2 4.2.0

Pocket Mine 2 is an exciting and dynamic project for the Android system. This is the second part of an excellent game about mining craft and treasure hunting. It cannot be said that the graphics have changed a lot, but even with the naked eye, progress is noticeable. It should also take into account the fact that the program has become much better displayed on large screens and large resolutions, which is good news.

The management is simple, one-step. He needs to study for literally two or three minutes, then there are no problems. The gamer will have to lead a small miner, search for treasures and artifacts. The restriction on blows with a pickaxe makes you constantly pump your Persian, go to new levels, because then there are more blows and loot is much better.

The widest possibilities of customization of the Persian are pleasing, you can "dress" your hero in a variety of costumes, from simple clothes to Pharaoh outfits. Gaming is full of various possibilities, objects and buns. I am pleased with the presence of so–called booster cards, which make the work of a small miner much more efficient. There is integration into the network – you can easily connect with other gamers and compete in the skill of obtaining artifacts, trade


All data is stored in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about their safety and restore progress on any device. Updates are coming out constantly, it is noticeable that developers are actively engaged in the development of the project.



  • A little childish, but very nice and high-quality graphics;
  • Exciting gameplay and high playability;
  • Simple and intuitive operation;
  • Thoughtful balance of upgrades;
  • Saving information in the cloud;
  • Lack of Russification;
  • Trading with other players;
  • Easy installation.


Pocket Mine 2 is just a high–quality arcade game, exactly what it should be. Everything that is good in the genre is collected here, so the program can be recommended to absolutely any players. Just a great timekiller. The latest version of the arcade Pocket Mine 2 download for android.

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