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Striker Soccer America 2015 1.2.9

Striker Soccer America is a sports toy for all football fans. Only for Android devices. The visual design is very mediocre, there are no special frills in the schedule. The figures of the characters are poorly drawn, the animations do not "slip", but they also do not particularly please. The control is convenient, using it is as simple and pleasant as possible. No special problems arise, no training is required.

Gaming is quite intense. The user is offered to participate in the South American Cup, play for really existing countries and teams. There are three difficulty levels, four modes in total, so it's easy to customize gaming "for yourself". Before each battle, you can arrange the players on the field – choose tactics. A lot really depends on this, so it's not worth neglecting this part of the gameplay. A variety of boosters and upgrades are also available, which can be won in matches. Any match or moment can be recorded and then shared with friends. The program offers to compete online with other players, multiplayer is implemented very well.


  • Optimization;
  • Ease of operation and installation;
  • Boosters and prizes;
  • Real teams;
  • High game variability;
  • Multiplayer.



  • Low playability;
  • Mediocre graphics.


It can be concluded that Stryker Soccer America is a medium-level fun, which is very far from monsters like FIFA, but which can still please an unpretentious user with high-quality gaming. Try it, maybe you will like gaming. The latest version of the sports game Striker Soccer America 2015 download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.2.9
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  • Game version: 1.2.9
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