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My Chess 3D

My Chess 3D is a classic board game for Android gadgets. The design of the program is quite pleasant and not stressful. It seems that this is exactly what mobile chess should be – functional and stylish, but clear and simple. The interface and navigation through it does not present any difficulties. A lot of settings are available, both the display of figures and the complexity of gaming (as many as 16 gradations!). This will help you choose your level and enjoy the program in full.

It is also impossible not to note the full three-dimensionality and several standard camera positions that can be changed at any moment. The animations of the move can be smooth or instantaneous. There are only 2 modes: with AI and another player. I would like more (for example, surveillance mode), but this is quite enough. In addition, additional features are available, such as taking screenshots and a stopwatch, which come in very handy. And the main advantage of My 3D Shaimats is full–fledged work without a network connection.


  • High-quality three-dimensionality, drawn textures, smooth animations;
  • Highest playability;
  • A huge number of customization options;
  • Offline work;
  • Easy to install and configure;
  • It is not demanding of resources and is perfectly optimized.


Choosing chess for mobile use is a very difficult and individual question. But this program has absolutely everything you need for comfortable gaming, so you can load it right away, it will certainly be to your taste. The latest version of the logic game My Chess 3D download for android.

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