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Age of Conquest LITE 1.1.1

Age of Conquest LITE is a great Android strategy game with a great idea. Visually, there is nothing in the game to surprise even the average user. Everything is quite simple, not colorful, and, if I may say so, ordinary. The highest playability and the most fascinating gameplay saves the situation.

The controls are elementary, but some game processes and physics are worth learning. The necessary information is in the splint. A world map unfolds in front of the player. It is divided into small areas, most of which are empty at the beginning of the game. Your task is to seize control of the whole world. Regions give money from taxes, respectively, the larger the area of your empire, the richer it is. You can spend gold on an army, you can build fortifications.

Each turn begins with an action. Then a random order of countries is selected and their actions are carried out. This is the main principle of the prog of this genre. To win, you will need not only a large and powerful army, but also brains, without which the empire will quickly collapse under the pressure of smaller states. This is exactly the type of games. Which captivate for many hours and at the same time perfectly develop logic.

It's a pity, but not all features are available at once. Some will have to be reloaded separately. Donat is present (where without it), but it does not interfere much. Optimization is good, which is what you should expect from such a simple and undemanding project.


  • Mediocre graphics;
  • Great idea;
  • Highest playability;
  • Easy installation;
  • Donat;
  • Good optimization;
  • Easy installation;
  • The best timekiller.


If you haven't gamed like this yet, then download immediately! If you are already familiar with projects of this type, then download anyway – you will like the new implementation! The latest version of the strategy Age of Conquest LITE download for android.

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