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Galaxy Online 3 3.1.18

Galaxy Online 3 is a strategy game for Android, which takes place in the distant future. The visual part is beautifully crafted, all the details are made with a high degree of detail. Animations are also on the level, especially in battles. The controls are not very simple, but you can figure it out quickly enough. There are no special problems.

As it happens in almost all strategies, the player is invited to develop his base, build and upgrade buildings, create a powerful army and conquer the world. But this project is much more original and has a lot of "buns" and bonuses. The style of the game is the wars of the future. The basis of the fleet – spaceships – can be not just pumped, but created according to the gamer's plan. You just need to put together the necessary details and build exactly the technique you want to see.

It is necessary not just to upgrade the base, but also to develop technologies, because only with their help you can gain real power and not be afraid of enemies. It is also worth summoning or finding heroes who, with their special skills, can turn the tide of an entire battle. Their competent use can save a lot of nerves and lead even out of a hopeless situation.


Otherwise, the game took the best sides of its competitors – fights, home defense, robberies, achievements, and so on. I am pleased with the competent integration into the network and the preservation of progress in the Google cloud. No special bugs and glitches were noticed, but gaming does not promise much ease – the resources of the gadget are not poorly spent. Let's hope that this flaw will be corrected over time.


  • Futuristic style and cool graphics;
  • Simple operation;
  • High playability;
  • A lot of buns, weapons, technologies and equipment;
  • Heroes with special abilities;
  • The widest upgrade possibilities;
  • Integration with the cloud;
  • Easy installation.


Galaxy Online 3 has minor flaws, but is a contender for the title of the best mobile strategy. Try it, be sure – you will like it! The latest version of the strategy Galaxy Online 3 download for android.

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  • Game version: 3.1.18
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  • Game version: 3.1.18
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