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Grepolis Зависит от устройства

Grepolis is an interesting multiplatform project on an antique theme. Available in the browser and on the Android device. The idea of the game is really good. Users get not just an impersonal strategy, but gaming with a clear plot, theme and line of development. Recently, when a lot of mediocre products have started to come out on mobile platforms, such quality is very lacking.

The graphics are pleasing to the eye. The drawing is simply a masterpiece, the detail is at the highest level, the animations are smooth. I am very pleased with the support of large resolutions – even on a tablet everything looks clear and juicy. Gaming, like many other strategies, begins with the development of the city. The player's policy can be upgraded, built up with new buildings (more than a dozen) and dedicated to a certain god of Greek mythology. This choice should be taken seriously, because the set of available spells and summoning creatures depends on it. All magical and similar actions depend on the main god.

Remarkably, the game has more than three dozen technologies and almost as many types of troops. This is just an unheard–of complexity from developers - there is a place to roam. Naturally, there is an upgrade of units. An important place is occupied not only by the war with neighbors, but also by trade. The ability to "negotiate" can develop your policy even faster than a powerful army. And if you also find a few powerful allies, then the empire will develop very quickly.

The summoning of not only mythical creatures, but also heroes of the epic is available. Each of them has their own capabilities and skills and can turn the tide of battle. Optimization is not bad, but crashes happen. The developers have already promised to solve this problem. They already have a lot of work – gaming is also available through the browser, so the work is carried out immediately "on two fronts".


  • Excellent graphics;
  • Highest playability;
  • Mass of buildings, units, heroes;
  • Balanced upgrade;
  • A pleasant theme and an interesting plot;
  • Russification;
  • Easy installation and management;
  • Average optimization.


Grepolis is, perhaps, one of the best and high-quality strategies of recent times. It is difficult to overestimate the ability to play through the browser at all, so be sure to download this masterpiece! The latest version of the strategy Grepolis download for android.

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