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Pocket Tanks Зависит от устройства

Pocket Tanks is a familiar classic desktop toy now on Android. The graphics haven't changed much since the game first appeared on screens. Now it may look funny or ridiculous, no three-dimensionality or high-quality animations are provided, but this does not affect the gameplay at all.The gamer still has a random location, his own tank and the enemy's tank. The task is very clear – to destroy the opponent. To do this, there are a lot of weapons, opportunities and unique physics of combat in the arsenal.

Most of all, "Pocket Tanks" are similar to the popular game "Worms", with the difference that the enemy is always one, and there are significantly more weapons (more than 140 types). There are also opportunities for jumping, digging and others that help to hide or change the location. The project is more than twenty years old, and this is exactly the case when a gamer either gambles with renewed vigor for hours, or deletes the program after 5 minutes. Fortunately, there are much more users of the first type.


  • Ancient graphics;
  • Many people love the original gameplay;
  • More than a hundred different weapons;
  • Old school music;
  • Multiplayer;
  • High-quality optimization;
  • Easy installation and simple operation;
  • Lack of Russification.


Be sure to download such a nostalgic app! This is a masterpiece that can captivate for dozens of hours and at the same time depends little on the quality of graphics. The latest version of the strategy Pocket Tanks download for android.

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