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Red Warfare: Let's Fire! 7.1

Red Warfare: Let's Fire! is a strategy game for Android that combines elements of modern warfare, future technology and World War II battles. The visual design of the program is pretty, the drawing is high-quality and the buildings and units are well detailed. There are no complaints about the music either – everything is in the theme. The controls are simple and uncomplicated, no training is required. Some explanations are given already during the game.

The player starts as an ordinary soldier and gradually advances in ranks higher and higher. Along with him, his base is also pumped. The gamer will have to create new buildings, train troops and create a mighty army to defeat enemies. It all starts with the First World War and continues right up to laser satellites and other ultra-modern weapons. The technique is quite authentic (in the first periods of gaming) and corresponds to the real one.

There are many missions and quests available, an interesting system of achievements. The battlefield is the whole planet. Russification is absent as such. So far, the developers have not announced their plans to add languages, but this is not necessary, since very simple English is used. Optimization is not bad, no special bugs or glitches have been identified.


  • Good graphics and music;
  • Original gameplay;
  • Mass of troops and buildings;
  • Lots of tasks and missions;
  • Local upgrade;
  • Good optimization;
  • English only;
  • Easy installation.


Before us is a strong middle-class man in the strategy genre. Many gamers consider Red Worfair: Let's Fire! The best such program, some give the laurels of the championship to other projects, but everyone agrees that this program is worth the time spent on it. The latest version of the strategy Red Warfare: Let's Fire! download for android.

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