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Unlock Unlock Car 2.4

Unblock Car is the most popular mobile Android puzzle game! Don't miss it! The visual design is hardly top-end, but it is pleasant and will appeal to most users of the "green robot". The sound effects are simple, but they accurately reflect what is happening on the screen. The application itself leaves a pleasant impression about itself.

A playing field filled with cars opens up in front of the player. Your car is red, it needs to be taken out of the parking lot, for this you can move other cars. The number of moves is limited, and there are fewer of them with each level, but the number of moves is only decreasing. There are four interesting themes available that radically change the appearance of the program. There are classic cars, and Sci-Fi and alien outfit.

Gamers with experience and puzzle lovers cannot but be pleased with the total number of levels – more than three thousand! And this is hundreds of hours of interesting and exciting gaming – you shouldn't ask for more. In addition, you can adjust the difficulty of gaming.



  • Interesting original graphics;
  • Thousands of levels;
  • Different difficulties;
  • Unreal playability;
  • Simplicity;
  • Native management;
  • Elementary installation.


Do you like logic problems and puzzles? Then Unlock the Car will definitely appeal to you, be sure to download! The latest version of the logic game Unlock Unlock Car download for android.

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