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WarLight, Risk & Strategy v5.19.2

WarLight, Risk & Strategy is a strategy game for Android, created on the basis of the legendary board game "Risk" by Bill Gates. On the one hand, it is clear that the visual design does not correspond to modern realities a bit and loses to many other projects in terms of entertainment and colorfulness, but on the other hand, it becomes clear that other similar projects look much worse and simpler and this game stands out against their background. In fact, the level of graphics is not important at all – it is very difficult to make a program of this type even more beautiful and this can only prevent you from getting the most out of gaming.

The controls are classic, simple and uncomplicated. Many actions are understandable at the level of intuition and there is a short guide for the main ones. In front of the player is an interactive map of the world, divided into areas. You can start with any country (most pleasantly with your own) and slowly but surely move towards seizing power on the whole planet. It all depends on your logic, ingenuity and luck.

The player receives resources, he can spend them on troops and strengthening his regime. In addition, special cards are used in the program, which can give special incredibly useful effects (a spy card, diplomacy, etc.). Unlike other similar progs, this one supports multiplayer and even 2-on-2 mode. At the same time, gaming is asynchronous, which allows you not to wait for your ally or opponent online.

There are a lot of settings in the game and it is easy to customize it "for yourself". This also distinguishes the World Risk And Strategy from the gray mass of strategies, because such functionality is not widespread. There are many more advantages in the program, for example, a reduced waiting time for another gamer's turn, several available maps, various competitions and leaderboards. You can talk about it for a long time, but it's much better to just play.


  • Cute original graphics;
  • Excellent optimization;
  • High-quality asynchronous multiplayer;
  • Maps; multiple locations;
  • The possibility of capturing the entire planet;
  • Customization;
  • Easy installation.


Perhaps this is one of the highest quality Risk games. It has no advertising and donation, is convenient, fast and pleasant to use. If you are ready to download a game that can take many tens of hours of your time, then be sure to download it! The latest version of the strategy WarLight, Risk & Strategy download for android.

Features: Online Multiplayer

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