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Zombie Gunship Zero 1.14.3

Zombie Gunship Zero is an interesting original toy in the spirit of military shooters, but about zombies. For Android devices. The graphics can hardly be called excellent, but it suits the prog perfectly. Everything looks very authentic and cool, it's incredibly pleasant to play. The controls are simple and do not require special training. The program is completely English–speaking, but this does not interfere with gaming at all - even a schoolboy will easily understand such simple phrases and sentences.

The player is offered a place to control the guns in a modern FS-130 attack aircraft. A zombie apocalypse has happened and you, the few survivors, need to protect the base at all costs. Real assault guns are available – z of various calibers, each of which is designed for its own tasks. The presence of a "day" and "night" mode is also pleasing – it gives the game more tension and realism.


To advance further, you need to complete tasks and missions. Every zombie destroyed is money in your wallet that can be spent on all kinds of "buns". There is an achievement system that allows you to monitor your progress and brag to friends.


If desired, you can gamble using a game controller, both wired and wireless. It really becomes more convenient to play, but, nevertheless, this method is "for an amateur".



  • Unique and original graphics;
  • Interesting story;
  • A lot of different enemies;
  • Three guns with different calibers;
  • Missions and achievements;
  • Not a bad optimization;
  • Lack of Russification;
  • Simple operation;
  • Elementary installation.


Zombie Gunship Zero is a wonderful project that has absorbed only the best from "colleagues in the genre". Atmospheric, high playability and convenient management make the project one of the best. It is highly recommended to download. The latest version of horror Zombie Gunship Zero download for android.

Features: Online Zombie Donat

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  • Game version: 1.14.3
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  • Game version: 1.14.3
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