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Star Wars: Invasion / Star Wars: Invasion

Star Wars: Invasion is the official game in the world of ZD from Disney! What could be cooler? The graphics are high-quality and frankly pleasing, but it would be possible to strengthen it a little. Everything is perfect on the battlefield, but, for example, with an upgrade, the visual design is no longer of such high quality. It is worth leveling the level throughout the game.

Gaming is more or less classic, as for a representative of the strategy genre. The player is asked to choose a side (Empire and Rebels), rebuild their base and take over the Galaxy. The gamer is waiting for a lot of troops, buildings and opportunities. In addition to standard units, you can also use heroes (Han Solo, Leia and others) who have unique skills and well support the main forces. There are also many different buildings, upgrades and a lot of other “buns” that will be very much to the taste of Star Wars fans.

The main actions in the game are building, protecting the base and completing tasks. The latter is very exciting and interesting and significantly increases the playability of the entire program. Periodically, you will have to capture more and more new planets until the Galaxy is in your hands. Players can form alliances and alliances, but only within their own factions.

Optimization of the device is not particularly good and requires improvement. Sometimes there are bugs, sometimes there are communication breaks and other troubles. And this application does not spare much system resources, so we are waiting for a new global update. Developers create them rarely, but "aptly", for example, the latter has greatly improved the graphics.



  • Good graphics;
  • The official Star Wars app from Disney;
  • High playability;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Lots of favorite places, heroes and characters;
  • Good balance and economic system;
  • Many types of buildings;
  • Upgrade of buildings and units;
  • Alliances;
  • Mediocre optimization.


Star Wars: Invasion is a great prog for all true ZV fans. For less ardent fans, it is also very interesting, because it offers an excellent plot and gameplay. Small shortcomings are entirely on the conscience of the developers and will soon be eliminated by them, so download it for sure! The latest version of the strategy Star Wars: Invasion / Star Wars: Invasion download for android.

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