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Cut the Rope: Magic 1.22.0

Cut the Rope Magic is a new version of one of the most popular and exciting gaming apps for Android. Funny monster Am Yum goes to a new game world full of sweets and magic. The distinctive features of the Cat Tze Rap Magic game are better graphics, the appearance of new hero features and exciting gameplay.


The application belongs to the genre of "puzzle". The main character is a funny creature named Am Yum. It loves sweets and sweets very much and is ready to do anything for them. This time the character goes to a magical world in which all the candies are stolen by an insidious wizard. What should I do? At each game location, and by the way there are more than a hundred of them in the storyline, you have to cut the ropes on which sweets are fixed. This should be done in such a way that the candy gets into the mouth of a funny monster.

The maps show the obstacles that the character will have to overcome. A feature of the gameplay are five forms that a character can take. For example, he can turn into a Bird and fly over traps. In addition, Am Yum can decrease in size for a while, become a fish, a mouse or a ghost. All these forms will be useful for the passage of the plot. Character management and the user menu are extremely simple. For full control over the actions of the hero, the screen of a mobile Android device is enough. The installation takes place in automatic mode. The game requires loading the cache.

The simplest option is to download the cache via a Wi-Fi connection. In this case, it is enough to download the ".apk" file directly into the mobile device, then start the installation process and after it is finished, allow the game to download the cache from the Internet. The application will appeal to owners of tablets and smartphones who love puzzle games, fans of the "Cut the Rope" series and other categories of users.


Join the multimillion army of fans of the application and evaluate all its features. Play and have maximum fun. The latest version of the game Cut the Rope: Magic download for android.

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