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Prison Break Russian Prison

Prison Break Russian Prison is a new game for Android devices, featuring an original plot and gameplay, high-quality graphics and sound. In the game Pobeg iz tjurmy Russkaja Tjurma, you have not much, not less, but to escape from prison, using dexterity and dexterity.


The game character is one of the representatives of the criminal world for whom robberies and carjackings have become the norm of life. But one day he was captured by the police and put behind bars. It is from this moment that you will control the actions of the character.


It is quite natural that the new life does not suit the bully and he decides to escape. To begin with, you will have to study the schedule of changing security posts, the plan of the building and carefully consider an escape plan. Then you can already start implementing your plans and here you will have to show the wonders of dexterity, ingenuity. The hero will have to pick locks, sneak past the guards like a mouse, if necessary, get into a fight with them and much, much more.


The graphic design of the simulator, namely to this genre and it is worth referring the presented Android application is at a decent level. The voice acting didn't disappoint either. The user menu is very simple and intuitive. All controls (joystick and action button) are located in the corners of the tablet or smartphone screen and make it easy to control the actions of the fugitive.


The installation of the application takes a minimum of time and takes place automatically. The game requires loading the cache. The easiest way to install the program is using an Internet connection. In this case, you only need to download the ".apk", run the installation file and after the installation is complete, allow the program to download the cache. The application will appeal to fans of prison simulators, gamers who appreciate addictive gameplay and high-quality graphic design, fans of the GTA action series and other mobile device users. Plunge headlong into the criminal world and help the game hero to fulfill his plans. The latest version of the game Prison Break Russian Prison download for android.

Features: 3D
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