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Troll Face Quest Video Memes 2.2.5

Troll Face Quest Video Memes is a fun Android game that will delight the user with an abundance of original humor, rude jokes and ridicule of everything popular. The game Troll Face Quest Video Memes is distinguished by high-quality graphic design, undemanding to the resources of a tablet or smartphone, simple and convenient management.


First of all, when passing the storyline, you have to have fun and solve all kinds of puzzles. Tasks are sometimes so ridiculous that they just can't help but cause laughter. This is the main "highlight" of the application.


The gameplay includes several dozen levels on which you will mainly be engaged in searching for items. The whole gameplay is accompanied by humor and jokes, for example, you can have a lot of fun with jokes about Justin Bieber. How to play? - Click on the screen of an Android smartphone or tablet and get out of various delicate situations.



  • About fifty levels replete with the most ridiculous tasks and puzzles
  • Some fun mini-games
  • Excellent graphics and voice acting
  • Six bonus levels
  • Lots of cool sounds
  • And much, much more


For control, as mentioned above, the screen of the mobile device is used. At the same time, the user interface is simple and intuitive for beginners. The installation process of the application, which takes place "on the machine", is no less simple. Installing the program is no different from downloading and installing similar applications with the extension ".apk".


The fun will appeal to fans of games with original gameplay and plots, gamers who like unusual game puzzles, jokes and humor. Play, have fun and get in a great mood! The latest version of the game Troll Face Quest Video Memes download for android.

Features: HD Cool

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