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Where is the logic? 1 part 1.1

Where Logic is an exciting game for Android. The new version of the logic game Gde Logika offers a lot of new questions, it fixes previously identified errors, increases the level of graphic design and reduces the cost of hints. According to the reviews of numerous users, this is an excellent program with which you can have an interesting time on the road or at home.


What is the gameplay? - It's very simple. On the screen of the mobile Android device, four hint pictures appear that have something in common with each other. Your task is to guess the word that connects the fragments displayed on the display.


Initially, not all the pictures are open, and the fewer hints you use, the more points you can earn for completing the task. The correct answer can also be prompted by the letters placed at the bottom of the screen. Thus, the program is an entertaining quiz, much like the famous and popular "Field of Miracles".



  • A huge number of tasks
  • Hint system
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • High-quality, bright graphics
  • Addictive gameplay


The user interface is brightly and colorfully decorated, fully Russified. The buttons are large in size and this will allow you to comfortably play on small displays of smartphones and tablets. To start the next task, just click the "Play" button. Next, you need to select hints and enter the correct answer in the special fields.


Downloading and installing the application is fully automated, it will take a few minutes and does not require user intervention. The program will appeal primarily to fans of logic games, gamers who like quizzes and applications that allow not only to have fun, but also to train their memory and thinking. The latest version of the logic game Where is the logic? 1 part download for android.

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