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Land Sliders 1.9

Land Sliders is a new Android game that will give any user minutes and an hour of joy, fun and help to have an interesting time. The Land Sliders application is characterized by simple controls, dynamic gameplay, high-quality graphics and the absence of errors.


One of the features of this adventure game is the huge number of characters available to control. There are more than fifty of them and each is unique in its own way! What should I do? - Move through the levels, collect items, run away from monsters on the way. The game appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to win the attention of a huge army of fans.



  • Bright and colorful graphics and wonderful voice acting
  • A large number of game locations
  • More than fifty unique characters
  • Bonus and Artifact system
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Simple and intuitive operation


The user interface of the application is so simple that even a novice gamer can handle it. In order to control the movement of the character, it is enough to move your finger or tilt your Android smartphone or tablet in the right direction. For the normal functioning of the program, you need to download the cache.


There are several ways to do this, but it's easier to load the cache over a Wi-Fi connection. In this case, it is enough to download the game file (with the extension ".apk") to the memory of the mobile device, run the installation and after its completion allow the program to download the cache from the Internet.


The application will appeal to fans of adventure games, arcade games, gamers who prefer high-quality graphics and dynamic gameplay. Embark on a huge game world and go through an incredible number of challenges in it. This is exactly the program for which you can spend more than one hour of free time in an exciting way! The latest version of the game Land Sliders download for android.

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