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Suitcases: Hanoi Tower 1.1.3

Suitcases: Hanoi Tower is fun for those who love riddles, puzzles and puzzles, if you consider solving puzzles and all kinds of puzzles to be a great pastime!


The basis for the mobile game "Suitcases: Hanoi Tower" was the classic puzzle "Towers of Hanoi". In it, the gamer will have to arrange the stacks of suitcases, taking into account their color and number. According to the game mechanics, in addition to the classic puzzle of the same name, this fun can also remind everyone of the well-known solitaire "Solitaire".


At first, the tasks in the application may seem very simple. But do not rush to conclusions, this is a false feeling that arises when passing the first levels. Each next level becomes more difficult to pass by 3 stars, and sometimes 2 stars are given with difficulty. But for those who find themselves in a difficult situation, there are hints that will show options for the right steps, cancel previously made erroneous actions or simply count the level as passed.


By installing this app you will get:

  • nice graphics
  • intuitive gameplay and simple controls
  • hundreds of different levels
  • multiple difficulty options
  • daily lottery
  • several options for hints


Thanks to this fun, you can spend time usefully, since it is not just entertainment, it is also brain training, during which we learn to make decisions in a short time and calculate our moves in advance, evaluate possible obstacles, analyze the consequences received from each next move.


This game is available for free, while it contains in-game purchases. The latest version of the logic game Suitcases: Hanoi Tower download for android.

Features: Online Donat

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  • Game version: 1.1.3
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  • Game version: 1.1.3
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