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Star Skater 1.12

Star Skater is a cool and fun toy for Android. The Star Tablecloth game differs from similar programs in its unusual graphic design, simple controls, fascinating gameplay and less demanding of the resources of a smartphone or tablet computer. This is without a doubt something that will help you spend your free time in an interesting way!


What is the point of the game? - You have to act as a skateboarder and overcome the most difficult and confusing tracks. Tracks are laid literally everywhere, on special sites, in parks and even on highways. So you will not only have to show the public dizzying stunts, but also dodge cars and other obstacles.


One of the key features of the application is its graphic design. All the characters and surrounding objects are made of multicolored blocks and thus the game is very similar to the famous "Minecraft". Game characters are no less interesting. There is also a restless boy, a huge gorilla, a robot and even a skeleton. At the same time, it is worth noting that access to new characters opens as you progress through the game levels.



  • Addictive gameplay
  • Unusual graphics
  • Large selection of characters and levels
  • Simple operation


The user interface is simple and clear even for novice gamers. To control it, it is enough to move your fingers on the screen of an Android device. The process of installing the application takes a few minutes, is simple and does not require the intervention of the owner of the tablet or smartphone.


The game will appeal to fans of arcade games, sports simulators, applications with unusual graphics and gameplay. Feel the real speed, ride a skateboard and overcome the most difficult tracks, perform crazy stunts and just have fun spending your free time. The latest version of the arcade Star Skater download for android.

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