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UFB - Ultra Fighting Bros 1.1.31

UFB Ultra Fighting Bros is an Android game aimed at fans of fighting games and martial arts. Unlike similar developments of the UFB Ultra Fighting Bros can please users with original gameplay, a wide variety of techniques, characters and other features.


You have to become a real professional fighter, enter the ring and take part in competitions. How to play? - The fight is divided into several rounds. You need to win three of them to win the overall victory. The character has "game lives", respectively, there are three of them in each round.


In addition to punches and throws, you can use special techniques. For example, if you climb the wall of the arena and then capture the enemy and knock him down, you can get an extra life. The battle goes on until one of the characters spends all their lives.


Several types of artifacts make the gameplay even more interesting and unpredictable. The "Frost" item will help make the walls of the arena slippery, "Blackout" will be useful for turning off the light and striking.



  • Support for single and multi-user modes
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Pretty good graphics and physics


The toy, as already indicated, will primarily appeal to fans of martial arts, but without a doubt it will be interesting for other categories of users of Android tablets and smartphones. Fight with the most experienced and insidious opponents and come out of all the battles victorious! The latest version of the sports game UFB - Ultra Fighting Bros download for android.

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