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Money Tree - Clicker Game 1.5.6

Money Tree Clicker Game is an interesting game developed for Android tablets and smartphones. The gameplay of Money Tray Clicker Game is unusual, in addition, the application boasts simple controls, colorful graphics and excellent voice acting. All this will undoubtedly help to have an interesting and fun couple of hours of free time!


So, what is to be done? - You will have to become a gardener. Only here you will be planting unusual plants. A real money tree will grow in your garden and in the future will give a huge income.


Naturally, caring for this unique pet is not easy. You will have to buy specialized equipment, hire assistants, fertilize the soil and extract a variety of useful bonuses. By the way, not only gardeners can help. Attract llamas, kids and presidents to boost the harvest!



  • Undemanding to the resources of a tablet or smartphone
  • A unique combination of elements of Chinese mythology and European capitalism
  • A new and unusual application for fans of turn-based games
  • The ability to disable advertising


Program management is simple, logically clear and convenient. For full control, the screen of a tablet computer or an Android smartphone is enough. A cache download is required. You can use a desktop computer for installation. In this case, you first need to copy the folder with the game and cache to the PC memory. Then you need to connect the mobile device to the computer using a card reader or USB cable. After that, we copy the files to the memory card and disconnect the Android device from the computer.

Then everything is very simple. We launch the installation of the application and in a few minutes, if everything is done correctly, we can proceed to the passage of the plot. The application will appeal to fans of casual games, gamers who just want to have an interesting time. Play and have unforgettable fun, grow a tree and become a Millionaire! The latest version of the game Money Tree - Clicker Game download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.5.6
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