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Drop the Box lite 1.1.1

Drop the Box is an exciting Android game with which you can spend your free time in an interesting way. The Drap Tze Box application has practically no analogues, provides users with original graphics, simple controls and addictive gameplay.


What is the gameplay? - You have been appointed head of the parcel sorting section. There are more than seventy levels in the gameplay and your task on each of them is to arrange the transporters and escalators so that all the boxes move from point A to point B.


At the same time, an important condition is that the entire cargo must be moved safely. It seems that everything is very simple, but it is far from it. How to position the auxiliary equipment if the starting point is located in the lower left corner of the screen, and the end point is directly above it? In general, to solve the puzzles, you have to sweat a lot and show all the logic and imagination.



  • Realistic game physics
  • Four types of auxiliary tools
  • Several options for solving each problem
  • More than seventy levels


Game management is nevertheless simple and convenient. You just need to select the right tools, rotate them and place them in the right place on the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet. The game requires loading the cache.


The easiest way to install it is via a Wi-Fi connection. Just download the application files to the memory card, and then start the installation process. After its completion, it is enough to allow the program to download the cache from the Internet. You can also install applications using a desktop computer or laptop for downloading.


The game will appeal to fans of puzzles, gamers who want not only to have fun, but also to develop their logical thinking. Without a doubt, you will spend more than one hour of time behind the fascinating gameplay presented in "Shot in the Box"! The latest version of the game Drop the Box lite download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.1.1
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