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Futsal Football 2 1.3.6

Futsal Football 2 is an Android application that will undoubtedly help the owner of a tablet or smartphone to have an interesting time. The game Futzal Futbol 2, as you might guess from the name, is dedicated to football and, unlike similar developments, is less demanding of hardware, more spectacular and attractive.


You will become a participant in exciting mini-football tournaments. You will be able to choose a team, recruit players, conduct the necessary training and go to the football field, or to be more precise, to the gym. The rules of mini-football are somewhat different from the original game.


The match is played on a smaller field, the halves are not 45, but twenty minutes, the teams have fewer players. However, this does not at all reduce the attractiveness of the gameplay. On the contrary, due to the smaller size of the field and the reduced duration of the half, the game becomes faster and more dynamic, there are more sharp and interesting moments, martial arts and shots on goal.



  • High-quality voice acting
  • Multiple game modes for the user to choose from
  • Simple operation
  • Good 3D graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay


To control virtual football players, a joystick and a pair of buttons used for striking and selecting the ball are placed on the screen of the mobile Android device. The user interface is intuitive and it will take a couple of minutes to master it. The installation of the program should not cause any difficulties, as it takes place in automatic mode.


The application will primarily appeal to gamers who like sports simulators, football battles, games with dynamic gameplay and high-quality graphics. Gyms are waiting for you. Lead a sports team and lead it to victory in the tournament. The latest version of the sports game Futsal Football 2 download for android.

Features: 3D For boys

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