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I'm the director! 3D Multiplayer 1.08

I am the director of Multiplayer 3D is an interesting and spectacular economic strategy for Android. Addictive gameplay, simple controls, no errors, minimum requirements for the "inner stuffing" of a tablet computer or smartphone. This is only a small part of the features of the game Ja direktor Multiplayer 3D.


The application is based on the school game "Modeling of Economics and Management" and can please the user with high-quality graphics, gameplay and support for eight-player multiplayer. You will have to become the owner of a small business immediately after launching the program. Of course, there is only one goal - to develop a business, overtake competitors and become a monopolist, making a huge profit.


The path to the heights of prosperity is not easy and will require maximum concentration, attention, erudition and logical thinking. You will have to purchase equipment, expand production, calculate the steps of competitors, engage in advertising, sales of goods and much, much more.



  • Beautiful graphics
  • Fascinating gameplay
  • Convenient management


The user interface is simple and intuitive. When installing the application, you need to download the cache. This can be done using a desktop computer. In this case, you first download the ".apk" file and the appropriate cache to your computer, then connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your PC using a USB cable.


After that, move the downloaded files to the memory card and disconnect the mobile device from the computer. It remains only to run the installation and in a few minutes to start performing game tasks. The application will appeal to fans of strategies, economic simulators and other categories of users. Play, have fun with it and get economics and management skills along the way The latest version of the strategy I'm the director! 3D Multiplayer download for android.

Features: 3D HD

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  • Game version: 1.08
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  • Game version: 1.08
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