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PICK-XELL is an attention-grabbing, unusual Android game that you can play with passion anywhere, in the truest sense of the word. The Pikksel application offers users an unusual gameplay, bright graphic design. The game is easy to manage and configure, undemanding to hardware and will attract attention for a long time.


The plot is very simple. A lone digger robot lives in a certain mine located deep underground. The whole point of his life is only one thing - to dig as long a tunnel as possible and find all the jewels of the world.


You have to manage this unusual character and assist in performing such an important task. The main thing here is not to stand still, because if the robot is immobilized, then the onboard battery is discharged! The gameplay features two modes "Working" and "Endless", the name of which speaks for itself. In the first you will have to overcome dozens of levels, in the second you will have to look for jewelry as long as possible.


There is a system that allows you to pump the skills of the character, make it more nimble and powerful. An important role in the gameplay is played by the image of the skull. In no case should the robot touch it, otherwise the battery instantly loses charging! When a number of conditions are met, access to new characters opens, and therefore to new opportunities.


The pixel graphics used in the development of the application will remind you of the legendary games and gives the gameplay an additional appeal. The controls are very simple and intuitive. The robot moves down the screen by itself and you only need to touch the left or right side of the display in order to avoid obstacles and pick up jewelry.


The installation of the application will take a few minutes and does not differ from the installation of similar programs with the extension ".apk". The toy will appeal to arcade fans, gamers, for whom the gameplay itself is more important than its graphic design. Attention! Progress is saved directly in the mobile device and cannot be transferred to a memory card or to another smartphone or tablet. The latest version of the shooting game PICK-XELL download for android.

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