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Grab The Auto 5

Grab The Auto 5 is a new game application for Android devices. The name of the novelty is consonant with the name of the famous action, and the gameplay presented in Grab Tze Auto 5 is in many ways similar to the gameplay of GTA. The application offers good graphics, the story of a new character, new models of wheelbarrows and dizzying races. In general, everything you need for an interesting time.


The new hero's name is John Woods. This young adventurer comes to one of the American cities and has to gain a reputation here. There is only one way to do this - to take part in races and come out of them victorious!


The game offers a unique combination of action and car simulator, which makes it attractive and makes you want to play for days on end. You can control the hero and move around the city on foot, simultaneously performing various tasks, or you can get behind the wheel of a wheelbarrow and rush through the streets of the metropolis with a breeze. The game map is quite extensive and it presents areas with different road surfaces and terrain types.



  • High-quality graphics and great voice acting
  • Dynamic plot
  • Change of day and night
  • Eight car models available to drive
  • Open play space
  • Complete freedom of action


As mentioned above, the graphics are at a very decent level, which in turn increases the entertainment of the events taking place on the screen. The game is easy to manage and configure. The actions of the character are completely controlled directly from the screen of a mobile Android tablet or smartphone with your fingers.


No less simple is the installation of the program, which takes only a few minutes and does not require user intervention. The application will appeal to fans of action games, car simulators, fans of the GTA series and other users. Play and have fun with it! The latest version of the racing game Grab The Auto 5 download for android.

Features: 3D

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