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Emperor Legend 1.2.2

Emperor Legend is an original and fascinating role–playing game for the Android system. The visual design is implemented “on the quad". I am pleased with the full-fledged three-dimensionality and colorful animations, but the drawing and detailing of the characters could be better. Management is not particularly difficult, but the tutorial is present and will be useful to most players.

Before the gamer, more or less a classic role-playing game. There are many different heroes available with different skills and abilities. They can fight in large groups and in the company of assistants. The upgrade is high-quality and fairly balanced. New skills and abilities are opened gradually, with the ap of the level of the character. The system of weapons and other ammunition is developed, things have a great influence on the gameplay and combat capability of the Persian. They can also be upgraded.

There are artifacts in the game, which is a bit unusual and perfectly complements the gameplay, making it more intense and diverse. There are a lot of gaming modes, from classic passing (more than 20 locations and a bunch of fights) to PvP "wall to wall" (15 to 15 units). Such diversity is rarely found in such projects, it makes the Legend of the Emperor a mega promising game.

The optimization is not bad, but the three-dimensionality imposes some restrictions on the hardware. "Dinosaurs" may not be able to cope, but if your device was not released 8 years ago, then there will be no special problems.



  • Controversial graphics;
  • Really interesting and versatile gameplay;
  • A lot of characters, skills, artifacts and ammunition;
  • Several original gaming modes;
  • Good optimization;
  • Highest playability;
  • Easy operation and installation.


The project will really appeal to most users of the "green robot". Its disadvantages are more than covered by a lot of advantages, gameplay and playability. In this regard, you can recommend the program to anyone, be sure to download and see for yourself! The latest version of the shooting game Emperor Legend download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.2.2
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