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Empire Z 2.3.1

Empire Z is a unique Android toy that deserves time and attention. The visual design cannot be called a reference, but it is quite high-quality and meets modern requirements and expectations. I am pleased with the high-quality drawing and detailing. At high resolutions, no artifacts and quality degradation were noticed.

The controls are not the most ergonomic, but quite good. It won't take much getting used to. The plot of the games is almost classic. On the earth of the zombie apocalypse, small reservations with survivors have been created. They are desperately trying to rebuild the city and infrastructure, exterminate the living dead, trade and fight – in general, they lead a completely ordinary post-apocalyptic life.

The player becomes the head of one such settlement. It is necessary to rebuild the destroyed buildings, raise trade and the economy. The main source of income can be both the robbery of neighbors and their own production. The military unit is also well developed, you can train various warriors with unique characteristics. For a more likely victory over the enemy or zombies, you should team up with friends – alliances can have just enormous power. Mid-level optimization. The program works great on new technology and "sags" a little on antiquities from five years ago.


  • Good gameplay;
  • High-quality graphics;
  • Original characters;
  • Excellent symbiosis of military strategy and urban planning;
  • Average optimization;
  • Easy installation and management.


We can confidently say that Empire Z is an excellent project that fans of unusual and detailed strategies will really like. Be sure to try it! The latest version of the strategy Empire Z download for android.

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