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War Inc. - Global Battle / Modern World Combat! 1.890

War Inc. is an extensive military strategy for the Android system. The design is done perfectly, very pleased with the high detail. On large screens and resolutions, everything looks as correct and high-quality as possible. The animations are beyond praise. The management of the game is simplified, even a child will understand. There is a short tutorial, although hardly anyone needs it.

An organization called the "Military Corporation" is slowly but surely seizing world domination. You, one of its best commanders, are called upon to put an end to this conflict and suppress the resistance of other countries and rebels. To do this, you have an outpost and unlimited development opportunities.


Gaming is full of a lot of units, equipment, technologies and buildings. The futuristic theme is sustained, almost every second car is a droid or a combat robot. The program is a strategy and it is better to concentrate on building a powerful base, because weak outposts are very easy to rob. The upgrade is more or less balanced, but the long duration of improvements "hurts the eyes". Sometimes it's just too lazy to wait, but in other similar projects, the waiting time is even longer, so the point is moot. The regulars of mobile strategies may even like such an upgrade.

Online gaming and campaign mode are available to the player. There are hundreds of levels in the second one, so you won't have to be particularly bored. The first one is pretty good. But you should not attack the first weak base – it is quite possible that there are tons of traps installed in it. Optimization is average, Everything works well, there are no special lags, but sometimes you can notice small friezes.

Features of War Inc. - Modern World Combat:

  • High-quality graphics;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Hundreds of levels and network gaming;
  • A lot of equipment, fighters, commanders, technologies and other things;
  • Quite a thoughtful upgrade;
  • Not a bad optimization;
  • Easy installation.


Quite a good toy, which may well become the main game on the device. You can develop for a long time, the toy will not get bored soon… Just a great program, "must have". The latest version of the strategy War Inc. - Global Battle / Modern World Combat! download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.890
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  • Game version: 1.890
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