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Rules of War – Rebirth / Total Domination Reborn 4.11.6

Rules of War – Rebirth – the legendary continuation of the browser project of the same name on the Android system. The visual design is just fine, the picture is quite detailed, bright and juicy. Naturally, a full-fledged three-dimensionality is provided. The sound is not so cool, but it is of high quality and will surely appeal to most gamers.

Management is not the easiest, you will have to delve into the gameplay for a few minutes. After this and a short tutorial, no problems arise – everything becomes as clear and clear as possible. The storyline of the game is quite original. The action takes place in a post–apocalyptic world where humanity is fighting with each other for power and with the artificial intelligence of “Morgan” - for the sake of common survival. The gamer will have to build his own empire from one small region, destroying enemies and conquering new territories.

The number of units is pleasing to the eye – more than three dozen unique soldiers and equipment. The lines of development and upgrade are not particularly branched, but the improvements are really high-quality and progress is not worth such a lot of money, as happens in other projects. The classic functionality of such strategies is available: joining coalitions, completing a lot of missions and even PvP battles. Gaming does not make you bored and is always ready to present something new.

Optimization leaves an ambivalent impression. On the one hand, it is quite good and allows you to comfortably use the program on most gadgets. On the other hand, the latest update does not always behave correctly, which is why malfunctions and other glitches have become more frequent. The developers promise to solve this problem urgently.



  • Good graphics;
  • Interesting gameplay;
  • Lots of network functions;
  • High playability;
  • All the attributes of a modern strategy;
  • High-quality upgrade;
  • Minor problems with the update.


In general, we can say that Total Domination Reborn this is a fairly suitable modern strategy that keeps up with the favorites of the genre. Be sure to download and try it – for sure you will enjoy the gameplay and atmosphere. The latest version of the strategy Rules of War – Rebirth / Total Domination Reborn download for android.

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