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Super Cow Lite 1.0

Super Cow Lite is a familiar game for many now on Android devices! Visually, the program has only become more beautiful. All the characters are completely three-dimensional, the levels are qualitatively and accurately drawn. The graphics are not top-end, but it will do for average users. The management took all the best from the original – it is just as simple and clear. Now it is easy to adjust the control for yourself using the accelerometer or function keys.

The plot is original: the evil Professor Duriarti broke out of prison, seized a farm and began to clone poor animals in order to gather his army and enslave the world. Naturally, only a Super Cow can defeat him and save the situation. The game is a full-fledged arcade, with all the advantages that follow. Lots of levels, secret locations and other joys – that's what awaits the player. You can get stuck with nostalgia and an exciting game process for a very long time.

There are half a hundred levels in total, but not all of them are available after installation. The part will need to be reloaded separately. Optimization is not bad, no special glitches and bugs were found. For the full use of all the features, it is advisable not to use the "dinosaurs" from android without an accelerometer.


  • Three-dimensional graphics;
  • Lots of levels;
  • High playability;
  • Adaptive management;
  • Russification;
  • Not a bad optimization;
  • Familiar characters;
  • Simple operation.


Super Cow is just what oldfags and other arcade lovers need. It will allow you to feel a sense of nostalgia and will give you a lot of exciting and original gaming. Download and enjoy! The latest version of the arcade Super Cow Lite download for android.

Features: Online HD

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  • Game version: 1.0
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