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Tank Power 1.6.7

Tank Power is a unique tank strategy game for Android devices. The visual design is not canonical, but it is quite pleasant and will be acceptable for most gamers. Strategies are a special kind of leisure, the main thing here is balance and playability, not graphics.The control is universal, you get used to it almost instantly. Literally 2-3 minutes and everything becomes clear.

The genre of tank strategy is not often found, so there are particularly strict requirements for the program. And admittedly, Tank Power is doing a great job. The playability is very high, the process is addictive, the balance pleasantly surprises with its balance.


The classic task is to create your own AI squad and lead it to victories. The developers have worked hard: 24 different types of tanks are available, most of which are copied from real models. They can be improved and upgraded in every possible way, develop special skills and "buns". The result is a rich and versatile gaming.


The game gives the impression that it was created "for people". Here they do not extort money for an upgrade, on the contrary, they pay extra for it, pamper with daily bonuses and many others. Even after months of playing, you don't start hating the developers – this is an indicator of the highest quality. There is integration into the network, and it is performed at a good level. All the most common network functions are available. Optimization is good, no bugs or glitches have been identified. On weak gadgets, the game also does not sink.


  • Original graphics;
  • An unusual genre;
  • High-quality gameplay;
  • Interesting campaigns (more than 170);
  • Loyalty to users;
  • Excellent optimization;
  • A lot of tanks and an upgrade.


A great strategy created "for people". Users will surely like it, especially compared to the latest commercial projects. The latest version of the strategy Tank Power download for android.

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