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The King of Fighters is a new version of the popular game, adapted specifically for Android. The updated Ze King Of Fighters features four new fighting styles, more than a dozen new characters, significantly improved graphic design, entertainment and attractiveness. Do you like violent fights and duels with opponents? Then this game is created for you!


The application is a classic fighting game with a huge selection of techniques, sweeps, punches, combos, styles and game characters. In total, thirty-two characters are involved in the gameplay and any of them can be controlled. The gameplay is made more diverse by six game modes, including "team battles", one-on-one duels, three-on-three battles and other equally spectacular battles.


For novice gamers, there is a special "Training" mode with which you can get acquainted with the basics of management and prepare for the first fight with the enemy. The game also has a lot of additional materials: illustrations, maps, drawings. What is to be done? - Of course, fight in the arena and break the bones of your enemies!



  • Colorful graphics and great voice acting
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • A large selection of characters
  • Six game modes
  • And much, much more


The screen of the mobile Android device is used for control. At the same time, the most complex combinations are performed in one touch. You can control the condition of your fighter using special scales located at the top of the display. In general, the game provides a classic user interface typical of arcades and fighting games.


The installation of the application is no different from the installation of similar ".apk" files and takes place automatically. The application will appeal to fans and fans of action movies, martial arts and will undoubtedly help to have an interesting time. Play and have fun! The latest version of fights THE KING OF FIGHTERS-A 2012 (F) download for android.

Features: Online HD For boys

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