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Who were you in a previous life? 2.0.0

Who were you in a previous life? This is a small, simple, but at the same time interesting game application for Android. The new version of the program Kem Vy byli v proshloj zhizni received an updated design, a lot of new tricky questions, support for several languages and a number of improvements. The already attractive program has become even more interesting!


There is an opinion that a person lives more than one life and is constantly reborn. It is quite natural that many people are interested in who he was once, a long time ago. The presented application will help answer this question. The test includes twenty-five tasks and its passage will not take much time. The questions are very diverse. How to play? - First, enter the date of birth, and then give answers to the questions. At the same time, you do not need to invent anything.


  • Simple operation
  • Undemanding to the resources of a mobile device
  • Support for the VKontakte social network


The test itself is designed so that you only have to answer "Yes" or "No". After the "execution" is completed, the final results are displayed on the screen of a tablet computer or an Android smartphone. You are simply provided with a variant of your past profession, for example, "miner", the current date of birth and the period of life that you lived before. Everything in the program is extremely simple, concise and intuitive. The blue background of the mobile device screen does not irritate the eyes and sets you up for reflection. Large interface buttons increase the comfort when working with the program.

The installation of the application takes a few minutes. Of course, you should not take the test results seriously. First of all, the application is gaming and therefore will appeal to users with a sense of humor and imagination. By the way, you can share the "final protocol" with your friends on the VKontakte social network. The latest version of the game Who were you in a previous life? download for android.

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  • Game version: 2.0.0
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