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Does not Commute 1.4.6

Does not Commute is a new version of the game application popular among owners of Android devices. In the updated Up-to-date Commute, achievement tables and leaderboards have appeared, graphics have improved and it is now possible to save in Google Play cloud services. Do you like strategies? Then this game is just for you!


The seventies of the last century are outside the window. A small town. This is where the developers throw you. To begin with, you have to take a short trip through the streets of the town. Everyone around is quiet and calm, but not for long. Very soon the streets turn into a real car chaos. What kind of vehicles are not represented here: school buses, trucks, sports cars and ordinary hot dog carriers. So, what is the gameplay?

As already mentioned, the streets are full of cars and each of the drivers is rushing about his business. Your task is to pass the checkpoints and eventually reach your destination, while trying not to get into an accident. And it is very difficult to do this, road traffic is so aggressive and unpredictable.



  • Attention-grabbing storyline
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Colorful graphics
  • Simple and convenient operation


The further you move along the storyline, the more aggressive the drivers around you are. In the end, the game turns into a real survival where there is no time to yawn around! The storyline is divided into several mini-stories in each of which you get a new car and route.


The game is quite easy to manage and mastering the user interface will not take much time. Also, the installation of the program, which is no different from the installation of ".apk" applications, will not cause difficulties. The game will appeal to fans of strategies, arcade games, car racing and will undoubtedly help to have an interesting time. Play and have fun with it! The latest version of the racing game Does not Commute download for android.

Features: 3D HD Donat

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