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Police against a thief 2 2.0

Militia Vs Thief 2 is a new version of the Android application in the style of arcade car racing. Milicija protiv vora 2 features dynamic gameplay, colorful three-dimensional graphics, a large selection of cars and will undoubtedly help to have an interesting time. The new modification has new cars and some changes affecting the graphic design of the application.


As already mentioned, the program is a car simulator whose events are developing on the territory of a modern metropolis. The city is full of criminals and thieves. You are assigned the role of a police officer who must participate in exciting, Hollywood-style blockbuster races.


The main task is to protect peace and order. That is why during the chase you need to be extremely careful, because any collision with a "civilian" character entails punishment. The gameplay allows you to feel yourself in the "skin" of the persecuted. The game space is simply huge and includes dozens of kilometers of roads laid across a variety of terrain.



  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Detailed three-dimensional graphics
  • More than twenty levels with increasing difficulty
  • Extensive car park


The user interface is simple and concise. There is nothing superfluous in it and everything is aimed at facilitating management. To control the movement of the car, the touch screen of a tablet computer or an Android smartphone is used.


Installing the program should also not cause difficulties, because it is no different from installing most games with the ".apk" extension. The game will appeal to fans of car chases, car races, applications with dynamic gameplay and colorful graphic design. Become a participant of exciting events unfolding on the screen of your mobile device! The latest version of the racing game Police against a thief 2 download for android.

Features: 3D For boys

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  • Game version: 2.0
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