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Trial Xtreme 4 2.13.2

Trial Xtreme 4 is a game that continues the most popular series of racing arcade games for Android. In the new version of the Trial Extreme 4 application, you will have to get acquainted with new motorcycle models, master new tricks and become a participant in an exciting tournament consisting of several dozen stages. High-quality graphics, dynamic gameplay, high realism and entertainment provide the game with high popularity and make it one of the best in its genre!


As you should have guessed by now, you will have to take part in a trial competition. In total, there are about seventy tracks in the storyline with many obstacles and dangers, and all these tracks have to be overcome on the way to the title of Champion. Of course, you will not have to go through the tracks alone. The most experienced athletes will compete with you.


In addition to the above changes, the game also received a new engine, which made it possible to bring realism to a higher level. The graphic design is so good that sometimes it seems that you are driving a real motorcycle, and not its virtual counterpart!



  • More than seventy trails
  • Large selection of motorcycles available to drive
  • Colorful, realistic game events
  • Simple operation
  • System of Achievements and Records


The application, as already mentioned, is quite simple to manage. All the buttons that allow you to increase speed, make jumps, change the direction of movement are displayed on the screen of a mobile Android device. At the same time, they are quite large in size, which makes it possible to work comfortably with the program even on displays with a small diagonal size.


The program requires downloading the cache during installation. The easiest option is to install it via a Wi-Fi connection. You can also install the application using a personal computer. The game will appeal to fans of racing, connoisseurs of games with dynamic gameplay, high-quality graphics and voice acting. Turn your Android tablet or smartphone into a real arena for competitions! The latest version of the racing game Trial Xtreme 4 download for android.

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