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NinJump Dash: Multiplayer Race 1.21

NinJump Dash Multiplayer Race. The distinctive features of this Android game application can be considered colorful and high-quality graphics, dynamic gameplay, ease of management and undemanding to the resources of the mobile device. The new version of Ninjamp Dash Multiplayer Race has received a number of innovations and has become even more attractive for owners of smartphones and tablets.


You have to control brave ninja warriors and take part in dizzying races. The main feature of the game is that you have to compete with real rivals, which will be three more exactly the same gamers. As opponents, both friends from the Facebook social network and people completely unfamiliar to you can act.


Events happen in real time. The meaning of the game is quite simple. You go out on a track full of obstacles and all kinds of traps and try to reach the finish line faster than your opponents. While running, you can jump over obstacles, use accelerators, portals and not entirely honest techniques, for example, throwing sharply honed shurikens at a competitor. All methods are good for winning! Before the race, you can dress up your character in funny clothes and thereby tease your opponent. Thanks to the High Score Table, the gameplay becomes even more interesting, because the results achieved can be boasted to friends and other fans of the application!


  • Competitions with real rivals
  • Support for the Facebook social network
  • System of bonuses and improvements
  • Achievement tables
  • High-quality graphics and addictive gameplay


The game also boasts simple controls, accessible even for novice users of Android devices. The installation of the program takes a short period of time and does not require the intervention of the owner of the tablet or smartphone.


The game will appeal to fans of arcade games, racing, gamers who are attracted to competitions with real rivals, Facebook users. Get to the start and reach the finish line faster than your opponents. Play and have fun with it! The latest version of the racing game NinJump Dash: Multiplayer Race download for android.

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