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California Straight 2 Compton 2.0

California Direct 2 Compton is an exciting Android app in the spirit of the famous GTA. The game Kalifornija Prjamoj 2 Kompton is characterized by dynamic gameplay, high-quality graphics, an abundance of special effects and functions normally even on "weak" models of smartphones and tablet computers. Most importantly, the application for which you can have fun will always be at hand!


As already mentioned, the game is an analogue of GTA and almost one hundred percent repeats the gameplay of the cult action. All the same shootings, gang fights, carjackings, robberies of banks and shops. Although, for the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the application is still far from the original.


The undoubted advantage is the huge game space. There is a place to ride a stolen car and escape from police pursuit! If we talk about cars, there are quite a lot of them. In order to find the next car, you do not need to rush from one corner of the map to another. Fights are rewarded with weapons and money falling out of mobs, which of course makes it easier and more enjoyable to complete the storyline. What is perfectly done is a hint system that is in no way inferior to the one presented in the original GTA.

It is worth noting quite convenient and simple control of the actions of the character. Icons are placed on the edges of the screen of the mobile Android device and do not interfere with the review at all. At the same time, they are large enough to ensure comfortable operation with the application on small displays. The pictograms placed on the icons make the management even more understandable for the user. The installation process of the program is also simple and takes place automatically. It does not differ from the standard installation of Android programs and is activated in one touch.

The game will appeal to fans and fans of the GTA series, fans of adventures, shootouts with the police, fans of car simulators. The state of San Andreas is waiting for its hero! The latest version of the arcade California Straight 2 Compton download for android.

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